Dr. John K. Ward

Dr. John K Ward

Dr. John Ward is the proud new owner of the Madison Avenue Chiropractic Center. Dr. Ward graduated with honors from Life College School of Chiropractic in December of 1994. He began practice at Madison Avenue Chiropractic Center from April 1995 to December 2004 when he opened his private practice. He returned to Madison Avenue Chiropractic Center in July 2017.

Dr. Ward’s practice takes a wellness-oriented approach to health care. “My mission”, he states, “is to direct people to the realization that they are activated from within, that life and healing come from within and that ultimately the maintenance of health is superior to the treatment of disease.” To achieve that goal his practice incorporates a variety of different disciplines including nutrition, acupuncture and most importantly Chiropractic. 

A noted speaker, Dr. Ward’s topics include talks on aging, stress relief, nutrition, child development and women’s health issues.