Celebrities & Supporters of Chiropractic

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The Dr.Oz Show

Deepak Chopra

Burt Young in Rocky

Dr. Smatt adjusting theTrump Family Rihanna Julianne Hough

Robert De Niro getting adjusted

Dr. Mehmet Oz

Gerard Butler

President George W. Bush

Ted Turner

Tiffany Trump getting adjusted

 Hillary Clinton

Bert Sugar

Dr. Smatt presents Governor Pataki the Courage to Lead Award

Donald Trump

Gloria Steinem

Vanessa Williams

Marla Maples getting adjusted

Dr. Smatt the Official Chiropractor to the Goodwill Games 2000

Tony Bennett & Billy Joel

Al D'Amato & Bob Dole

Marla Maples representing Chiropractic at Mayors Office

Mayor Guiliani

Dr. Smatt Chiropractor of the Year with Governor Pataki

Dr. Smatt, Paul Byrd, Dr. Ward

Tommy Davidson

Dan Aykroyd

Mike Katz

Chris Farley

Barry Slotnik

Curtis Sliwa

President Bill Clinton

Miss New York

Maria Bartiromo

Phyllis George former Miss America

Dr. Andrew Weil

Harry Bellafonte

Vincent Pastore Sopranos

Bo Dietl

Jack Canfield Chicken Soup for the Soul


Governor James McGreevy

Ground Zero

Ground Zero

Chiropractic Insurance Equality Law signed by Governor Pataki 1997

 Jeanine Pirro

Rex Reed

Dr. Lori & Eddie Fisher

Johnny Cochran

Mary Donahue

Pat Cooper

Governor Cuomo at Donald Trump's residence

Calvin Klein

Frankie Pelligrino, Raos NY

Joe Torre

 Libby Pataki

Jason Cerbone, Sopranos

Mike Wallace

Robert Morgantheau

Ray Kelly

Mayor Dinkins

Ambassador Charles Gargano

Paul Ben Victor, The Wire

Charles Oakley

George Hamilton

  Dr. Frank Caputo
Dr. Frank Caputo

Miss Connecticut

Nancy Kerrigan, Olympic Ice skater

Bobby Valentine

Dr. Sid Williams, Founder of Life University

Vice President Cheney

Gloria Steinem

Rubin Studdard

Reverend Al Sharpton

Gianni Russo, The Godfather

Gloria Steinem

Nicholas Scopetta

Mario Andretti

Maria Bartiromo CNN

Skitch Henderson

Mayor Bloomberg

Jack Scalia


Dominick Chianese, Sopranos

Roberta Dean

Tom Jones

Jerry Vale

Ozzy Osbourne

Reverend Al Sharpton

Yoggi Berra

 Dr. Nicholas Perricone

Cardinal Egan

Lee Mazilli

Gulf War Veterans Conference

Whitey Ford

Sarah Silverman in Dr. Smatt's office

 Ben Vereen

Ken Griffey Jr.

Senator McCain


Sandy Rubenstein, Esq.

Russell Simmons

Sonny Grasso, The French Connection

 Randy Levine
NY Yankees President

 Cindy Adams

 Donny Deutsch

Gerard Butler

Annemarie Colbin

Judge Pirro
Judge Pirro

 Donna Karan

 Quincy Jones

 James Gandolfini, Sopranos

Dr. Mehmet Oz

Dr. Drew Henderson

Donny Most, Happy Days

Emanuel Revici, M.D.

Chris Noth
Chris Noth

 LL Cool J


Mother Hale

Dr. Gianni Rocchi Vatican Physician
Dr. Gianni Rocchi
Vatican Physician

Billy Baldwin

Billy Joel

Christmas Eve

Dr. Marty Greenberg, my first Chiropractor

Dr. Nell Williams

Kevin James

Guy Fiery

50 Cent

50 Cent

Fran Drescher

Phillip Seymour Hoffman


Billy Joel, Dr. Smatt and Frankie Pelligrino singing Under the Boardwalk at Raos Restaurant

Steve Tyrell

Susan Lucci

Dr. Michael Roizen, Cleveland Clinic

Gail King

Marlo Thomas

Steve Tyrell

William Bratton, Police Commissioner

Jackie Mason Billy Joel Dr. & Lisa Oz
Dr. Smatt, Gloria Steinem and Dr. Oz Carmen Valvo David Meister
Tino Sabatino Larry David Nicky The Vest, Raos NY
Billy Ray, The Hunger Games Dr Oz presenting Award to Dr. Smatt Robin Roberts
Michael Waxman, Producer of Chicago Med Geraldo Rivera Vanessa Williams